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Mind Blowingly Unique Adventures Entermission adventures combine elements of escape rooms with the immersion and excitement of virtual reality for mind-blowingly different experiences, unlike anything you have ever done. The thrills appeal to newcomers or veterans of VR or escape rooms. The only Sydney virtual reality using hand tracking rather than controllers and with special effects...this is multisensory VR with wind and heat on your face. The smell of gunpowder and smoke lingering in the air making the action FEEL REAL! Entermission provides social VR adventures designed to appeal to a wide audience, from kids (8+) to grown-ups with the thrills appealing to newcomers or veterans of virtual reality or escape rooms. They are immersive exciting games with challenging, collaborative puzzles and amazing action for all types of groups, with the hand tracking and real-life special effects increasing the immersion. It's perfect for fun with friends and family or unique team-building with squads of coworkers. This is proven, crowd-pleasing content that will attract the largest number and range of guests so you can maximize your revenue.

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