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If it's adventure you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Let us show you what the Northern Territory looks like on two wheels Jack of all trades... Tim's riding experience is as wide as it is deep. He's ridden and raced such a variety of disciplines, and is able to bring them together with a deep understanding of how a motorcycle works. Knowing why a bike does the things it does is crucial to training and coaching. Tim's first love has always been off road. Be it in the forestry of Mid Wales (U.K), or in the sand dunes of the Middle East, Tim is at home where the terrain is rough. Trials followed Enduro and for a number of years Tim competed in club level trials in the U.K and entered every enduro event he could around Shropshire and Wales. His first bikes were a dual purpose Suzuki DR350 and a more focussed Honda XR250. Stepping up to an XR400 helped Tim to lift his level and beat a few of his pals, but it was his trials experience that began to teach him how to get the most out of his bikes. A brief love affair with a KTM Duke 640 was all that Tim needed to convince him that he shouldn't own a thoroughbred road bike, and instead he should keep his cheeky riding style away from traffic and either on the race track or in the bush. Fast forward to the mid naughties (pun intended) and Tim found himself doing a couple of laps of Australia on his (nearly) new Honda XR650R. It's the only bike Tim feels he couldn't part with. Exploring the Australian Outback for eighteen months meant he had plenty of time to get a feel for this vast country.

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